Monday, January 26, 2009

Refreshing Change

When you've been a part of something, and in the middle of something for so long, you don't realize that life happens differently, and things run differently on the outside of that "thing". I've been thrown into a new life circumstance and the change has been refreshing to say the least. I never knew there could be such balance in the dealings and ways of ministry. My view on church and ministry has changed. My last experience was not a bad one by any means, I learned so very much and grew more than I ever thought I would in my last church. I just didn't know it could be done any other way. Now I know. CHANGE (REFRESHING)

The next thing I'm about to say will probably expose me for the "conservative liberal" (is that possible?) but I am going to take that chance of being scrutinized for this, but I'm pretty sure this was a God moment for me. I will start this off by saying that I did not vote for our new President, but President Obama won the election. To me, as a Christian, this means that I will support and pray for the man that the Lord saw fit to place in the most powerful seat in the world! It doesn't mean that I believe all that he believes or that I even like everything he's doing, or says he's going to do. All that preface to write this little story... There are boards in the back of our sanctuary that have different prayer points that people need to be praying for, and one of them are for the local and national leaders. The last several weeks I had seen former President Bush's picture up there and I fully expected to see his picture still up there, because after all it's only been what...1 week since President Obama was sworn into office?! I walked past that board this last Sunday and my eyes literally filled up with tears...not out of,no,no, quite the opposite (and this surprised me too!!!) I was SO proud! There was the most amazing picture of President Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama waving at the crouds as they walked for those few minutes on their parade to the White House. Her cute green gloves and their huge smiling faces. I still have my opinions, and I still don't completely agree with our President, but I WILL pray for him, and I WILL still believe in and love my country. I was proud of my church for these same reasons. CHANGE (hopefully refreshing)

So on some totally random points, I'm freezing. It's so cold outside, I have two down comfortors on my bed. I miss my friends, so so so much, and my dear friend Melissa is now a mother, just today. I wish I was closer to everyone so I wouldn't miss out on such momentous life changing occasions, but God's will above my own, His thoughts over mine, His ways over my ways.


  1. I had no idea that you are here, Hi!!
    I miss you.... still getting distracted whenever I get on my email to write you. (ugh, that happens a lot) I will write a ton of post-it-notes to remind me.

  2. well done Lady Dyson. it is extremely interesting what real change from a real saviour really does! keep up the goodness of the writings!

  3. Ok, scratch what I said before! :) Isn't it interesting how we all have varying degrees of tolerance/intolerance to change? It is another part of the way we relate to this life that I find MANY potentially teachable moments. I want to always be learning from God how to remain flexible (and that can look different depending on what area of my life He's dealing with me in) so that refreshing change can come!